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Have you heard of a moka pot before or run across it when reading espresso machine ratings? It is the best choice for an espresso maker if you are camping where there is no electricity. Obviously there won’t be a Starbucks in the wild too.

A moka pot is something every Italian family owns to make espresso. Sort of like a toaster in an American family, really. It makes really good espressos over a fire (both stove or camp fire work), and the smaller size it is, the better espresso it makes.

I got myself a moka pot sometime ago because I like all kinds of espresso makers; little did I know it was useful for a road trip later on, as it was only then that I realized none of my usual espresso machines were practical for traveling.
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My Bialetti moka pot is a 3-cup size, which means it can make 3 servings of espresso each time. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how to use this little fellow. The lower half of it is filled with drinking water (the quality of the water affects the taste as well, mind you) and the espresso grounds go in the filter. Then simply place the moka pot over a low heat and let it brew.

It does take a good 5 minutes to finish brewing, since it is not a pump driven machine. But I don’t mind that considering that the espresso it turns out always made me happily speechless. Don’t believe me? Check out the other espresso machine ratings for this moka pot here.

A moka pot is cheap, even for one camping trip a year. There are no machine parts to break down, and the build is sturdy. It is definitely going to last many good years unless you abused it by throwing it at your wife. :)

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