Delonghi EC155 – Best Budget Semi Automatic Espresso Machine

I used to be a poor college student who couldn’t really afford the daily shot of espresso at Starbucks. But I scrimped and saved to get an espresso machine, and the Delonghi EC155 made it possible for me to enjoy espresso and save money!
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Considering the price of this espresso machine, it is a wonder that it makes great coffee. If you need some good espresso but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars a year at Starbucks, this is the espresso machine to get.

Affordable Pump Driven Espresso Machine!

As we all know, pump driven espresso machines make the true espresso that the cheaper steam driven ones cannot. The Delonghi EC155 is a pump driven machine at such an affordable price!

I enjoyed the strong shots this little machine made for me every one of those late study nights, and even the rich fragrance of the coffee kept me awake.

This espresso machine has a compact foot print, which was a plus point for me in those days. It fitted snugly in my small rented apartment. No flexibility of using different size mugs with the machine though; only small shot glasses.

Small Downsides that You Could Live With

On the down side, you can’t make much out of the frother because it is short and positioned low. That means you can only use a small pitcher for frothing, and deep frothing doesn’t work well.

The tamper included is not that good; you might as well get a separate tamper unless you are using espresso pods instead of grounds.

The current price of this espresso machine is $80, so if you are on a strict budget but would like to have a decent espresso machine, click here to catch the deal: Delonghi EC155

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