Rancilio Silvia – Best Semi Automatic Espresso Machine

If you have seen the Starbucks baristas at work and want to make your own espresso like them, definitely get this semi automatic espresso machine! The Rancilio Silvia, nicknamed Miss Silvia, is really satisfying to have. You’ll be pleased with both the process of making your own java, and the java itself.
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This quality machine has received many good espresso machine ratings; in fact, it has become the golden standard when it comes to rating espresso machines. It makes anyone look like an espresso hobbyist to own one!

Makes Professional Espresso with Quality

The most important thing that gives Miss Silvia her aura and considerably hefty price, is the commercial grade build that she has. Commercial grade, got it? That means the espresso machine is made of heavy duty, high quality parts that are sturdy and long lasting. The shiny, smooth-looking exterior certainly beats any machine with plastic casing in a beauty contest.

Let’s talk about the espresso it makes. The texture is smooth and lustrous. The taste is piquant and tantalizing. The aroma is sensual and enticing. If you are a serious espresso lover, this is the espresso machine for you.

To Get the Most Out of It

I have personally invested in an expensive burr grinder to get all the potential out of Miss Silvia. A good grinder makes all the difference in the espresso. If you are an amateur in coffee-making you might also want to get a PID for improved temperature control. This helps you make tasty espresso every time.

One thing that I noticed in the espresso machine ratings, is that some people wished for a water level indicator in the Rancilio Silvia. I don’t mind that it doesn’t have one, but sometimes I do wish that it heats up faster. Can’t wait to make my espresso!

Find more espresso machine ratings and the best price on the Rancilio Silvia here, or visit my Espresso Machine Ratings page for more recommendations.

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